Best List: Iron Maiden

When I was 11 years old I was introduced to this band by a friend. I believe it was by chance, I went to his apartment and he was listening to some noisy song, but I love it.

The following was the obvious, I became an Iron Maiden’s fan and started to collect all the albums and singles of the band. Later on I started to play guitar and accoustic guitar in order to perform all of their songs.

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Well, I’ve got no more to say, unless 2 notes:

– I’ve just listed the songs until the X-Factor Album because, for me, after this album every song was kind of shit.

– Listen to Reach Out. It’s a song in which the solo guitar Adrian Smith does the lead vocals while Bruce Dickinson does the backing vocals. Fantastic song!!

My complete best list on YouTube is here:

1. 22 Acacia Avenue

2. Children Of The Dammed

3. Alexander The Great

4. Another Life

5. Burning Ambition

6. Deja-Vu

7. The Evil That Men Do

8. Infinite Dreams

9. Murders In The Rue Morgue

10. Phantom Of The Opera

11. Powerslave

12. Only The Good Die Young

13. Prowler

14. Reach Out

15. Sea Of Madness

16. Wasted Years

17. Aces High

18. Stranger World

19. That Girl

20. Sun And Steel

21. Still Life

22. Total Eclipse

23. Roll Over Vic Vella

24. Losfer Words (Big ‘Orra)

25. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

26. Killers

27. Kill Me Ce Soir

28. Juanita

29. Hooks In You

30. Die With Your Boots On

31. The Clairvoyant

32. Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter

33. Can I Play With Madness

34. Caught Somewhere In Time

35. Fates Warning

36. Flight Of Icarus

37. Fortunes Of War

38. I’ve Got The Fire

39. Invaders

40. Rainbow’s Gold

41. Fear Of The Dark

42. From Here To Eternity

43. The Fugitive

44. Hallowed Be Thy Name

45. Heaven Can Wait

46. Holy Smoke

47. Judgement Of Heaven

48. Lord Of The Flies

49. The Number Of The Beast

50. The Prisioner

51. The Prophecy

52. Revelations

53. The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner

54. Run To The Hills

55. Running Free

56. The Sign Of The Cross

57. Virus

58. Stranger In A Stranger Land

59. Tailgunner

60. The Trooper

61. Wasting Love

62. Where Eagles Dare

63. 2 Minutes To Midnight

64. Judas Be My Guide


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Brazilian-Japanese, gratuated in advertising, home-broker, traveler, experiencialist, blogger, tweeter guy, youtuber, digital influencer, living/studying French in Montréal currently, analysing the human behaviour and its interaction with the social media.

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