My playlist: #Van_Halen

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One of my favourites guitar players is part of Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen! Alright that when you talk about a band, you need to take into account every single part and I know also that David Lee Roth was a very important piece for the huge success of Van Halen in the 80’s, however, Eddie was the man! He developed and showed that the tapping technic could be used in pop mix with rock n’ roll. Eruption and Spanish Fly were perfect examples of that. Enjoy the list.

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1. Eruption

2. Panama

3. You Really Got Me

4. Big Bad Bill

5. Dreams

6. Light Up The Sky

7. Spanish Fly

8. Jump

9. Act Like It hurts

10. Aftershock

11. Ain’t Talkn’ ‘Bout Love

12. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You

13. Dance The Night Away

14. Humans Being

15. I’ll Wait

16. Judgement Day

17. Little Guitars

18. Love Walks In

19. Not enough

20. Pretty Woman

21. Right Now

22. Spanked

23. Top Jimmy

24. Top Of The World

25. When It’s Love

26. Why Can’t This Be Love

27. Without You


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