If Steve Jobs had offered you the opportunity to invest in the Ipad, would you say: “I’m out”?

Of course the video above is not real. Even the “Dragons” wouldn’t be crazy to despise the story, potential and creativity of one of the biggest entrepreneurs of the history (technology). Who? Just Steve Jobs. Well… Everyone knows a bit of his history, starting by founding the Apple, being cheating on by Bill Gates, being fired for the board of the company he created, founding a new company which would change the industry of animation (Pixar), becoming board of Walt Disney and then going back to Apple with a new challenge: put it in the game again. Result: Apple is today one of the biggest players in the gadgets and technological sectors.

The video is very amusing ‘cause the Dragon’s have the same attitude towards Steve Jobs as he needed any money, and Steve Jobs plays like he was an amateur without confidence trying hard to attract investments to a simple product called: Ipad. Yeah… a blockbuster seller. It’s worthwhile to laugh.


Sobre Albert Takahashi
Brazilian-Japanese, gratuated in advertising, home-broker, traveler, experiencialist, blogger, tweeter guy, youtuber, digital influencer, living/studying French in Montréal currently, analysing the human behaviour and its interaction with the social media.

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