Best List of Pink Floyd

My best list of Pink Floyd includes a bonus – The Wall.

A movie from 1982 which talks the trauma of Pink, a guy who lost the father in the Second War, grows up and becomes famous but cannot deal with the pressures of life itself. He’s always struggling with his life, but he starts to build a wall inside his mind and becomes to have hallucinations.

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The film is moral also, it critics the way children are educated to be part of a system where money means power.

I was introduced to this movie when I was 16 in my Sociology class. If you’ve watched the movie, you know that’s very dense and “heavy” to any teenager.

It wasn’t different for me… I got dizzy after the movie, it was a kick and it makes my friends and me think about life. How to deal with life anyway?? Will we find our way in direction to the happiness (horizon/sun)?? Or will we create WALLS on daily basis and become alone??

Apart of that, it’s a mixture between the biographies of Rogers Waters and Syd Barrett

Rate: 10/10

The list:

1. Confortably Numb
2. High Hopes
3. Money
4. Marooned
5. Echoes Part 1
6. Echoes Part 2
7. A Great Gig In The Sky
8. Breathe
9. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
10. Time
11. A Great Day For Freedom
12. Brain Damage
13. The Gunner’s Dream
14. Love Scene Version 4
15. Love Version Version 6
16. San Tropez
17. Sorrow
18. What Do You Want From Me
19. Your Possilble Pasts
20. Us & Them
21. Another Brick In The Wall
22. Wish You Were Here


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