2 Belle Gueule at 23:05


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by: A.Y.T.

Just remember to be yourself…always…

The world is just a big joke which has no sense at all
But if it has no sense, maybe, we are all in the wrong way
In the end, why trying put a reason where there’s no place for such??

One day a friend of mine said: “The real crazyness is trying to live sober in a crazy world”

Why are we here? What’s the meaning of life? Why trying to find out the why of our existece? And, sinceresly, who gives a shit? hah C’est très drôle!!!!

No more poetry, no more bullshits, no more “butterflies, zebras, moonbeams or fairy tales…” JUST…

“I’m kind of drunk maybe…or, maybe, I’m seeing the world how it really is”


Sobre Albert Takahashi
Brazilian-Japanese, gratuated in advertising, home-broker, traveler, experiencialist, blogger, tweeter guy, youtuber, digital influencer, living/studying French in Montréal currently, analysing the human behaviour and its interaction with the social media.

One Response to 2 Belle Gueule at 23:05

  1. weight says:

    i see what you did there

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