Cybercriminals pay to infect PCs

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A study by security firm SecureWorks shows that the malware authors pay to have PCs infected.

Criminals, research shows, have developed programs of affiliated similar to those virtual stores like Amazon, in which participants earn small amounts of money to advertise and sell their products.

This type of business, criminal version, is known as pay-per-install.

In one of these sites, the payments occur every thousand installations and values vary by country. According to the table, computers in the US and Europe are guaranteeing the best gains: ($ 140), UK ($ 110), Italy ($ 60) and France ($ 30).

But the value of PCs located in Asia is much lower: $ 6 per thousand installation.

Kevin Stevens, author of the study, told to Folha de São Paulo Newspaper this is because the criminals see more opportunities to make money on computers of the richer nations. “That’s where the money is,” he says.

Another site paid six cents for installation in machines in the US and five cents for every PC in the UK.

The study shows that the sites are presented in their pages as legitimate businesses. One of them would have said being in operation since 2001, with 20 employees and over a thousand members. Nevertheless, they are constantly changing their name in an attempt to evade the authorities.

Stevens said that these companies are located in Russia or other former members of the Soviet Union. This would be, according to the researcher, a reason why they do not pay for computers infected in the region.

Brazil does not appear in the study, despite being known worldwide as a haven for malicious code – which does not mean that our PCs are more secure. Stevens says his study focused on only a portion of that market and that certainly there are businesses that aimed PCs in Brazil and South America.

Besides the sites, the researcher found forums dedicated to pay-per-install. In them, the participants exchange tips, find tutorials, share tools to increase revenues and remain inside the programs that pay more and are more reliable.

Source: Infos from Folha de São Paulo Newspaper


Sobre Albert Takahashi
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