Lost S6x14: More Answers


On April, 25 the Folha de Sao Paulo Newspaper reported in the supplement “Ilustrada” 30 questions not answered. At first I thought odd, after all, six seasons later and about 1000 mysteries by chapter that were crossed and uncrossed, the most obvious would be that there were at least triple the mystery not solved at all. Bottom Line: after so long is hard to remember if there is answer to everything was placed and most importantly, Lost is The Sitcom!

Compliments aside, I found interesting the article and especially what happened in episode 14. The director took me just to believe in the most unlikely, or believe for some crazy reason the ‘black cloud’ thought it would be easier to persuade every ‘candidate’ to return with him to simply kill them all.

Locke (black cloud) could leave anytime he wanted the Island with his powers, which held it was simply the presence of Jacob – like every game has its rules, this should be just one. And why Locke did not leave the island when Jacob died? A: The Candidates. Yes! Locke cannot let one of the candidates becomes the guardian of the island, because it would disrupt his plans to leave the island. Moreover, there must be a candidate to take the place of Jacob and save the island that is = to protect the rest of the planet from the black cloud. The island must be a kind of ‘Pandora’s Box’ and Locke is the evil in human form.

The question that remained after the episode 14, of the possible candidates, who will be the next ‘Jacob’? Jack, Hurley or Sawyer? Well, like almost everything in the series changes all the time, the most logical to settle this question would bet on Hurley, taking into account that the answer is less obvious. However, in a series where each discovery is surprising, perhaps the answer is Jack, because everyone must be thinking: “It must be Jack the next Jacob, because it’s obvious”.

Now, going to the questions in Folha de Sao Paulo Newspaper and trying to answer the questions:

3. They were chosen because they have gone through tragedies or traumas in their lives. In the final episode of Season Jacob speaks to the black cloud he believes in human kindness and will prove it. Perhaps choosing people who have a tendency to go to the evil side (Lost is 100% Manichean) and demonstrating that they can be good, according to their choices and attitudes, Jacob would definitely prove his theory.

4. The bomb that Juliet managed to go off.

7. Perhaps Jacob is more than the guardian of the island, perhaps Jacob is the guardian of the rest of the planet. It may be a rule of the game.

8. It was clear that there is a rule about it. So much so, that Jacob appeared after his death and told Locke that he could not go against the rules and kill the ‘candidates’. Jacob may have been a candidate before he becomes the entity ‘Jacob’. Another reason is because he always persuaded people to kill, for example: It was Ben who killed Jacob in practice.

11. The planet must be protected. The island serves as a prison for the evil. Maybe the ‘candidate’ is not only the guardian of the island, but of the evil and hence the Earth.

13. “The island has not finished with you.” This phrase was often heard in Lost. If the Island does have plans and if fate exists, it may be that situations have been entirely deliberate, in the case of Jack, he was there and had all the technical knowledge to do that type of surgery. But the island had to see if Jack would choose between helping a human being or leave Ben (then known as the leader of ‘the others’) die.

18. That the plans that the island has are not achieved for such character yet (destiny). Often it was said: “There must be some reason for being here.”

24. Jacob when a child.

25. Managed to leave the Island and leads a normal life (apparently).

27. It created a parallel universe.

28. Hurley, Jack or Sawyer.

30. It depends on perspective:

– If the island is purgatory, then all are dead;
– In the parallel universe, all are alive;
– In the universe of the island, and taking into account that it is not the purgatory, there is no way out that everyone would leave alive, because many characters have died already.

If anyone can give more feedback and help to solve the mysteries, be my guest!


Sobre Albert Takahashi
Brazilian-Japanese, gratuated in advertising, home-broker, traveler, experiencialist, blogger, tweeter guy, youtuber, digital influencer, living/studying French in Montréal currently, analysing the human behaviour and its interaction with the social media.

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